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Plastic artist, writer, anti-bullfighter, animalist, vegetarian.
"Black Lilies" Sala Matisse Exhibition, Valencia, Spain.

There are bellows that flood the air
Time, peace.
There are bellows with the smell of mountain lilies
And rambles and snaps of branches that bend
With its vital force.
There is a black bull in our horizon blood, waiting ...
To run in freedom, and to roar with our voice.
Pepi Vegas. Plastic artist.

"Al alba" Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 81 cm.
"...With a naturalism supported by the urgent expressionism of dramatic brushwork, she invites
us to perceive the dance between beauty and the chaos at the heart of that beauty. Pepi Vegas wants us to see our world anew, and to perceive in ourselves our capacity for beauty, and our struggles with our shadows." Stephen Bracco. Agora Gallery. New York.

"Platos negros" Acrylic on canvas, 55 x 46 cm.
"Reflections of the good work of Pepi Vegas we can find them in many parts, as in the newyorkina ARTisSpectrum magazine.Inventive colors, gestural lines and accessible objects make Pepi Vegas painting a unique and pleasant visual experience. With the inherent beauty of the world around us and serves as inspiration to protect things that are most fragile. " ACE. REVISTART-Barcelona. Art magazine

"La cerca" Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 81 cm. a sea horse, tide, river, equestrian vegetation viewed from a dream.
It seems to touch but, like all works of Pepi Vegas, is fragile. If touched, it hurts. Because Pepi Vegas paints all gaunt, quasi spirit. Paint the soul of things, everything alive. Consternemos for us with its beauty consternamos not seeing them as living bodies we live our lives around. We presents "ghosts". And they come bringing a voice and a message. And a song ... "  Ángel Padilla-Poet. Spain.

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Copyright 2004-2017 Pepi Vegas. All rights reserved.
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