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"The fence" Acrylic on canvas 70 x 70 cm. 2011.
"... The horse is semi blue, almost celestial not of this world but it is;.. Is among us, claiming their space.
It is WONDER. It is ILLUSION. IMAGINATION, beauty, we have killed, or nearly so,
and looking at us from his incarceration at night our ignorance, our stables of sadness and abandonment and neglect.
The mane is very white, strong, pure. It is a horse angel, horse-field because of his mane grow as vegetable yellow threads of grass:
is a sea horse, tide, river, equestrian vegetation viewed from a dream.
It seems to touch but, like all works of Pepi Vegas, is fragile. If touched, it hurts. Because Pepi Vegas paints all gaunt, quasi spirit. Paint the soul of things, everything alive. Consternemos for us with its beauty consternamos not seeing them as living bodies we live our lives around. We presents "ghosts".
And they come bringing a voice and a message. And a song ... "

Ángel Padilla-Poet. Spain.
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