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"Toro de la Vega"

Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 97 cm.

Copyright © 2016 Pepi Vegas.

What they call "Tournament" Toro de la Vega is a macabre festival that is held every year in the town of Tordesillas, Valladolid. A bull is chased in the Vega by a troop of men on horseback and on foot, carrying spears of more than three meters, the bull is speared during its journey until it falls and is topped dying on the floor.

Crítica: Por Ángel Padilla, poet. España.
"Toro de la Vega", painting to sanctify and talk of Beauty really die in that horrible place called Tordesillas in September. Author: Pepi Vegas.
When I confronted this pictorial work a few minutes ago, I was struck, speechless. It hurt me. It hurt to see what Pepi Vegas has seen in martyrdom bull vega and we have moved with his magic and power of color and its particular way to give a relief, in specific areas of the picture, to create greater impact of fear to a wound VIVA beauty that is before us. Pepi creates worlds apart. Art is the ability of certain human beings to show what science and culture called reality from other perspectives.
If art, that manifestation so strange, beautiful and unique human being, also comes from the hand of commitment, ie, that the author is not limited to painting landscapes or portraits but delves more into things, and more in the wounds things, the earth, we all, human and non-human animals, then we have something glorious, priceless. Artists like Pepi Vegas should be protected and protected by the state in which they have been given birth.
The work of Pepi Vegas, for its undisputed quality is valued and endorsed by its long history of positive social exhibitions and presence in humanitarian acts, animalistic,. His pictorial culture curriculum and his career in general in art is very long and admirable.
The climax to the painful drama in the observer's chest, the woman added to the scene. That woman certainly represents the bull, is his alter ego, his soul, perhaps. When a bull dies we all die. Die most beautiful on earth. The earth is woman is feminine, is the parent.
Tordesillas Lancers are killing a woman, are beating a woman.
Our planet is symbolized as a woman, killed by a cruel psycho who uses a stupid, bloody and disgusting to kill the woman who sets an example to all the beautiful women in this world tradition. Whoever harms a flower does not love life. She hates her. He hates himself and has not learned anything.
"Toro de la Vega" is a broad metaphor for the current world situation. The man runs its daily killing his mother, a mother distributed in all Bellos around us, that human bondage abused and murdered for centuries.
Pepi Vegas has photographed with his artist's eye what is happening in these big cities on Earth.
And the artists have to listen, we have to address their visions. Because the arts have always helped the unstoppable human evolution to evolve faster.
Abolition of Toro de la Vega.
Campaign to collect signatures in Avaaz.org CLOSED with 325,900 signatures.
Update 08.07.2016

In view of the decision taken by the president of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, D. Vicente Herrera Campo, to prohibit the lanceamiento and death of the bull in the Torneo del Toro de la Vega, Mayor of Tordesillas decides not to hold the tournament in 2016 and replaced by another event to be determined. I close this petition with 325,900 signatures and with the bittersweet taste of half a victory. Grateful to all who have followed signing after 218,000 signatures already handed in Valladolid in 2013, and that somehow had remained in a corner awareness president of Castilla y Leon. A hug. Pepi Vegas. Plastic artist. Antitaurina.

Copyright © 2004-2017 Pepi Vegas. Todos los derechos reservados.
Copyright 2004-2017 Pepi Vegas. All rights reserved.
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